Put your hands on your head: Tips from Forens-Benfica

Put your hands on your head: Tips from Forens-Benfica

CWith this Sunday’s draw at the Farrow, Benfica I added a second draw in a row in the league. In the 20th day of the championship, the Eagles crossed the goalless draw against Forrence, dropping George Jesus’ men by 15 points from head Sporting in one game.

A draw with a very bitter taste, as Benfica is the fifth distant game to win. The Eagles’ last win as a spectator was against Gil Vicente two months ago.

Forensics, on the other hand, have reason to smile because it was the first game of the season in which they did not score any goals.

In a bad game, on the red side, these are the remaining tips.

Picture: In the goalless game, Ryan Gold was the main rebel of the match. He ran, ran … made five shots towards the goal, and got eight ball retrievals. He was tireless for 90 minutes. This is one of the best elements of Forensics.

Surprise: Heldon Light started Benfica’s goal again, and if Benfica do not lose this game, they can thank their goalkeeper. The Brazilian made two good saves and saved the red team from further damage. It confirms the trust that Jesus has in you.

Disappointment: Darwin had three shots in 53 minutes on the pitch, all of which were inconsistent. In the first half he had a goal in the leg, but fired wide. This indicates clear distrust. It has already shown that many more can be done.

Jorge Costa: If the first game of the season takes place without conceding goals against Benfica, the qualifying Forensic is also the new coach. The Algarvians were organized in defense, but did not touch their area. On the contrary, the strategy was well set and they did not surprise the opponent because Lyce was in front … 15 centimeters, canceled after 40 minutes on goal.

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George Jesus: Covit-19 explosion, lack of training with the team … all an exception to Benfica’s less positive moment. However, the coach who creates the loos should look beyond that too, because this team doesn’t have a lot, above all in terms of attitude. It’s … not trained.

Referee, Hugo Miguel: It was good at the canceled target for the lyceum. Before that, Rafa fell in the area, but Hugo ordered Miguel to continue and … despite the complaints of George Jesus at the end of the match, it seems to have ended well. Play quietly and without any interruptions.

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