Putin said there were two identity offices: one in Moscow and the other on the beach

Putin said there were two identity offices: one in Moscow and the other on the beach

Kremlin spokesman Mr. Peskov, Said Presidential workplaces outside Moscow and in Sochi are not the same. “This is not true,” he told reporters at a conference call on Wednesday. Mr. That fact must be taken into account. ” Peskov said it was an “information campaign, an information attack” on the president.

“The president has many offices, not one-size-fits-all offices,” Mr Peskov said. Mr. He challenged the use of flight records contrary to official statements about Putin’s whereabouts. Presidential flights are sometimes located outside Moscow, but he declined to discuss specific flights, citing the president’s moves for security reasons.

Mr. Putin told the Russian media that he had rejected plans to use the maneuver to protect his security. In February, he told the DOS news agency that at the beginning of his tenure, he had refused to use body duplication to deceive potential assassins.

This year, Mr. It has become very difficult to verify Putin’s whereabouts because he has taken extraordinary precautionary measures against the virus, even by the standards of other heads of state.

Russian journalists covering the president in the Kremlin pool have been watching him closely since March. Reporters have said. Visitors should be isolated for up to two weeks before entering the respiratory tract. Mr. Before meeting Putin, they have to walk through the disinfectant tunnel – a system similar to an airport metal detector that sprays the best mist of disinfectants.

The president has held several televised meetings via video link, ran a special report on the state television site during the summer, noting the microphones and screens available for meetings – and identifying them as located in the Government House outside Moscow, not the coast.

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A site Re-released The story of The Journal, Mr. It has received hundreds of comments from readers about Putin’s photos, sitting in similarly appearing offices, and running the state business more appropriately and aggressively. Some showed signs of a rash.

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