Qatar submits request to purchase US F-35 fighter: report

Qatar submits request to purchase US F-35 fighter: report

It is reported that the Qatar government has requested permission from the Ministry of Defense to purchase an F-35 fighter.

Multiple sources familiar with the proposed deal Told Reuters Although the Qatar government officially submitted a request to purchase a few F-35 fighters, it wasn’t clear that a proposal had been made recently or the number of jets the country wanted to buy.

One of Reuters sources told the news media that the offer does not contain a provision that Qatar will join the US brokerage firm. Abraham Code, Normalization of bilateral relations with a landmark agreement signed earlier this year between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Qatar is a historical rival between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and dealings with the United States run the risk of upsetting officials in these countries. The deal will also have to comply with a decades-old agreement with Israel that the United States will not sell weapons that threaten Israel’s military dominance in the Middle East.

A State Department spokesman declined to confirm the details of the proposal when Reuters contacted him.

The Pentagon said that “by policy, the United States will not confirm or comment on any proposed defense sale or transfer until officially notified to Congress.” When accessed on Wednesday afternoon on the embassy website, it returned a server error.

The Trump administration agreed to consider selling the F-35 to the UAE earlier this year as part of the Abrahamic Agreement. This is a move Israel opposes. The Polish Ministry of Defense became the most recent foreign minister to sign a jet deal with the United States. Agree to purchase 32 pcs in January.

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