Quotes cancels trip to the event and organizer cites urgency at Congress

Quotes cancels trip to the event and organizer cites urgency at Congress

Written by Isabel Versiani

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Economy Minister Paulo Quetz immediately canceled his participation in a virtual international event on Tuesday to meet with Chamber President Arthur Lyra (PP-AL) to discuss the country’s financial agenda.

A referendum called the Emergency PEC, which opens the way for renewing emergency aid in the face of an epidemic crisis, is set to take place in the Senate next Thursday. After voting in two rounds, it goes to the chamber. The opinion on the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) was tabled in the Senate this Tuesday.

Quetz has not issued public statements since President Jair Polsnaro announced on Friday that the decision to change Petrobras’ mandate, fueling speculation about political interference in the administration of the state-owned enterprise, casts doubt on expectations and commitment to new changes in government with the agenda guarded by the Minister of Economy, the Palacio du Plateau.

This Tuesday, Quitus was expected to attend an event promoted by the “Think Tank” Center for Strategic and International Studies in which he will discuss the process of approaching the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Brazil.

Apologizing for the absence of Quetz, the event ‘s mediator said the minister should address “urgent issues” related to congressional reforms.

The minister canceled his participation in the international event for the second time this year at the last minute. In late January, Quetz stopped participating in a group at the World Economic Forum in Davos. At the time, his adviser said the minister should “resolve internal affairs”.

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