Ram Vilas Paswan: India’s Food Minister dies in hospital in weeks

Ram Vilas Paswan: India's Food Minister dies in hospital in weeks

India’s Consumer Food Minister Far Swan was admitted to a municipal hospital on September 11 and underwent heart surgery on October 4.

In his role as Food Minister, Paswan oversaw the world’s largest food welfare program. With billions of dollars in food aid, the government provides very affordable rice and wheat to millions of poor people in India.

“Sader Than Words” Modi He said in a tweet responding to news of his death. “There is a void in our country that will never be filled.”

In his long political career, Paswan has worked with many Prime Ministers and, among other portfolios, has served as Minister of Mining, Steel, Communications and Intelligence of India.

As head of the Lok Jan Shakti (People’s Power) Party (LJP), Paswan joined Modi’s right wing. NDA (National Democratic Alliance) This swept the Indian general elections in 2014. The NDA came back to power in 2019 with a larger majority.

Far Swan and his political party represented India’s socially disadvantaged, accounting for about 80% of India’s 1.3 billion people, making up three-quarters of the Hindu population.

LJP has considerable support from the state of Bihar, home of Paswan to the east.

Bihar’s state elections will begin at the end of October and run over three days, and Congressman Chirag Paswan will lead the LJP to vote in the state legislature.

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