Random: Can you hear? Sounds like Super Mario Galaxy 2 music in 3D All-Star.

Random: Can you hear?  Sounds like Super Mario Galaxy 2 music in 3D All-Star.

If you watch the latest episode Nintendo minutes, It’s all about the release next week. Super Mario 3D All Star. even slightly Let’s say that part of this video made the viewers a bit enthusiastic.

You around 20 seconds display, There is a title screen clip of the game that is supposed to play music. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Below is a cut version of the video.

Hello. “The Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection uses Super Mario Galaxy 2 music on the splash screen, but Nintendo refused to put Mario Galaxy 2 into the collection and I shout lolololol.”

Nintendo Switch Subreddit users LittleLeaf2 The same clip mentioned how to play “Power Star themed SMG2 remix” instead of the original. Super mario galaxy one.

“In the Nintendo Minute 3D All-Star gameplay, they SMG2 Conversely, a remix of the Power Star theme SMG1. “

Of course, it could also be an audio edit from the Nintendo Minute.

Dear -Anyone who runs a YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer, Pointed out what the same intro looks like. Super mario 64 The All-Stars version of the game itself is actually a classic 4:3 resolution.

“Widescreen Mario 64 and Galaxy 2 music during the intro? Nintendo is messing up us now”

So, what do you think of this discovery? Assuming this hasn’t been edited, is this a sign of something to come? Share your thoughts below.

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