Rebel Wilson called herself’Fit Amy’ because she was only 6 pounds away from her target weight.

Rebel Wilson called herself'Fit Amy' because she was only 6 pounds away from her target weight.

Rebel wilson She is only 6 pounds away from her “healthy year” target weight.

The actress opened up a candid post on Sunday about the effort she put into the movement.

Wilson, 40, later called himself “Fit Amy”.Peach Perfect“Patricia Hobart, the character whose friend made her call her Fat Amy.

REBEL WILSON shows off slim down with a selfie after returning from vacation.

“Happy Sundays!” The actress captioned her post about the hike. “It was very busy this week, but I got up very early (6 am) and went hiking. I did a few 100m sprints to get my heart rate even higher (but my’sprint’ is probably someone else’s’slow jog’)

Wilson added: “But I was proud of myself, and now I am only 3kg from my target weight! Rebs x”

She later posted a picture of herself eating her dessert: “Remember that women still have to treat themselves. 😘 🍰 (I now only eat once or twice a week… replacing the bubble bath every other night.)”


In another photo, “Aren’t this romantic?” The star shared a selfie and wrote, “Just call me: Fit Amy.”

Previous”celibacy“She’s moving up in a level run,” says Becca Kufrin! 🔥🔥 This is a reference to’,’Pitch Perfect’.

“Ayyyy FIT AF PATRICIA! 😍👏🏻🔥⚡️❤️,” Wilson co-star Alexis Knapp commented.

REBEL WILSON Shows Weight Loss, Sizzle In Tight Wrap Dress:’It Looks So Hot!!!’

Many fans have told Australian stars that they love their bodies before and after starting their weight loss journey.

One fan said, “I loved you then.. I love you now.” Another wrote, “It is beautiful regardless of size.”

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One commenter added: It’s beautiful now.”

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Wilson’s recent weight loss update came just a few months after saying that only 8 kg (about 17 to 18 pounds) could be lost to reach the target weight.

“Hustle” star said in August “I hope we can do it by the end of the year.”

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