Recipe Block WordPress Plugin Launches Recipe Blog – WordPress

Recipe Block WordPress Plugin Launches Recipe Blog – WordPress Tavern

“Build a quarantine-inspired baking blog with’recipe’ blocks!” Read Kelly Choyce-Dwan’s opening instructions for the new plugin Recipe block. It was enough to get my attention. I love food. I love baking. It is mainly pizza and bread. Food-related plugins and themes almost inspire me to create my own recipe blog. almost.

At least with a plugin like this, you can dream of building that site. Or, you can live on your behalf through people who have the inclination, enthusiasm and drive to publish recipes on a regular basis.

Building a recipe blog for too long has required a special theme or overly complex plugin. I’ve been eagerly awaiting a simple recipe block because Gutenberg found it suitable for these features from day one when it was released. Choyce-Dwan’s Recipe Block plugin makes things simple and brings a recipe blog to all WordPress users. Educational LMS WordPress Theme Are also getting popular with time. Let’s dive deeper.

Use recipe block

Within minutes of installing and activating the plugin, I set up a quick pizza recipe and posted it in a test installation. It went well with several themes I tested. I have adjusted some spacing via CSS for my personal theme, but for plugins with frontend output it’s not uncommon.

Technically, the plugin adds 4 blocks.

  • recipe: Basic block to accommodate other blocks.
  • Information: Sub-blocks to add serving, time and difficulty.
  • ingredient : Sub-block for listing materials.
  • map: It is a sub-block for listing directions.

The recipe block also uses the core image and title block. It is almost as easy to use as any other block. Add blocks to the post via inserter, or /recipe Slash command. Here, end users can customize the output to their liking.

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The recipe block itself doesn’t have custom color or other styling options other than width and full width alignment, so the easiest way to slightly decorate your design is to place it on a cover or group block. This gives you a wider range of design options. For users who need more design control, Munir Kamal’s EditorPlus plugin is a great add-on when wrapping it with Group blocks.

One of the best things about recipe blocks is that they are not locked. End users can move the sub-blocks as they wish. It also allows nesting of other blocks. Not everyone makes the same type of recipe card, so it’s great to have some extra customization features.

Blocks are also flexible enough for recipes with multiple ingredients and directions. So, the pie and pie crust recipe you want to share? Does not matter. You can divide the ingredients and directions so that the reader does not accidentally drop lard into the pie filling.

Missing function

Recipe block plugins are not ideal for all situations. Some features can make it more prominent. In most cases, a few additional styling options were required.

Choyce-Dwan makes it clear that the plugin description does not support schema or structured content. It will make a good blocking option for those who want to activate it.

I want to change the text and background color of the main recipe block. However, this is easily done by wrapping it in a core group block. Ultimately I would like to have the option to add a few different styles like custom borders. These features must first be included in core WordPress so that they are standard.

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It would be nice to allow the user to change the font size and color within the info, material, and direction blocks, similar to how the core paragraph block works. Again, you can wrap this in a Group block and set the color at least at a higher level.

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