Red Sox Notes: Pivetta, Prospects, E-Rod, Yorke

Red Sox Notes: Pivetta, Prospects, E-Rod, Yorke

Nick P. Beta While the Red Sox might be able to see his appearance later in the season, the team has been holding a new right-hander at the alternate training ground long enough to slow him down the road to free agent a year. Alex Speier on the Boston Globe. Pivetta entered this year with two years, 94 days of MLB service, and it took 78 more days to reach a three-year stagnation. Since each date of the 2020 season occupies roughly 2.77 days of service time on this year’s prorated schedule, he would have needed 29 days to get there. It will not be possible with the current trajectory as P. Beta started the simulation game yesterday. This means he will not be able to participate in the Boston rotation until next week.

Of course, it could all be controversial if P. Beta doesn’t solidify himself in the big leagues. The right-handed pitcher has shown off his potential from time to time with the Phillies and can miss the bat in the bunch. But consistency avoided him and Phils handed him over to Boston in last month’s trade. Brandon Workman and Heathhembri. Pivetta is now in control until season 2024, but should improve the 5.23 ERA and 4.64 FIP they posted over the last three seasons.

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  • Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom Conversation with Jason Mastrodonato of Boston Herald On player development and the decision to leave the prospect Tanner hook The big league roster went down on alternative sites for most of the season, despite seeing an ongoing struggle from artisans who are likely not part of the long-term plans. Bloom has cited the “big picture” approach to roster construction several times, suggesting that even if the potential customers of the alternate site are a better option than those on the MLB roster, the potential client’s development may not be complete yet. Of course, the rest of the schedule is currently limited, but Bloom indicates that additional young talent is still available in the majors. “There’s one person who can think we’re building up to give him a chance, especially before the end of the year.” Bloom said without digging into the details. (Sax fans!)
  • Left-handed Eduardo RodriguezCoach Ron Loenicke told reporters today, coach Ron Loenicke, who did not pitch in 2020 after the outbreak of myocarditis as a sequelae after the match against Corona 19.Link via Ian Browne on The team has yet to decide how he will build for the expected 2021 revenue. The club doesn’t yet have a clear picture of when Rodriguez will be able to resume baseball activity, but Roenicke has expressed hope that “in the next few months” can start a strength program. Sox may need to limit Rodriguez’s workload next year. Dave Bush Recognition. “A player like Eduardo Rodriguez has 200 innings last year and zeros this year, knowing exactly what you can expect from him next year and what a reasonable amount he can pitch and participate in the rotation.” Said Bush.
  • The Red Sox announced this morning that they have added the 2020 first-round Nick York to the 60-player player pool. The 18-year-old infielder certainly isn’t going to be a big league consideration this season, but he’ll be working on development with the team’s staff during the final weeks of the season. Right handed Colten BrewerHe was on the 45th injured list and was removed from the player pool in Boston, known to have already ended for a year with a finger injury to the pitcher’s hand.
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