Reese makes a morning cake so she can eat dessert in the morning.

How Hershey became America's iconic chocolate brand
The candy company releases a peanut butter and chocolate snack cake, which is billed as a “medium snack.” The product comes in a two-cake package for $1.99 and is officially National hit store Joined Reese’s large product line including Reese’s Puffs in December Breakfast cereal.
It may sound like a recipe. Morning sugar high And then sugar bumps. But, according to a study cited by Reese, those who crave sugar before lunch are not alone. According to a survey by market research software SightX, 83% of American adults said they ate dessert before noon last month. company.
“We wanted to make the perfect snack for Reese fans to satisfy their mid-morning sweets,” said Mike Orr, Reese’s owner’s grocery and snack brand brand manager. Hershey (HSY), Said in the press release. “Sometimes you know you don’t want to wait for lunch.”
Reese’s isn’t the only brand that makes more use of home-eating Americans during a pandemic during a terrible time. Kraft recently Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner Adds the Word “Breakfast” I’m hoping the label relieves the shame associated with parents who serve kids in the morning with non-breakfast foods that can’t be easily made in the morning.
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