Refusing trade profit and trying to do business with Allen Robinson.

Refusing trade profit and trying to do business with Allen Robinson.

Earlier this week, there was an active activity on Allen Robinson’s social media. He has removed all references to the Chicago Bears, showing frustration for lack of action on the desired contract extension. He wanted to get paid.

According to sources, Chicago has begun to receive calls about potential trade interests against Robinson, and this usually happens whenever there are rumors of complaints. And the Bears not only ignored the call, but told the team that they weren’t trading star receivers.

Instead, Tuesday’s drama put a new effort into Robinson’s extension. Chicago increased the offers on the table and both sides exchanged offers. Talks resumed and the #ExtendAR movement gained momentum.

Nothing is imminent, but we hope the extension will be completed at some point. In fact, late last night, the Bears checked out another big item on their to-do list and put a running bag and star specials team Taric Cohen on a three-year contract.

Their only other urgent contract entry is Robinson since they signed a three-year $42 million contract in 2018. Since both sides started the conversation, DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper and Cooper Kupp are all recipients with an extension. Perhaps the Los Angeles Chargers’ Allen (4 years, $81 million) contract sets the most competitive benchmark.

“My heart and mind have never swayed in the city of Chicago and have never played for this organization,” Robinson said this week.

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