Reinforcement dance and a championship record at Formaliko

Reinforcement dance and a championship record at Formaliko

Pap’s debut was a record for players starting in this first round of the championship. With 29 only four clubs are approaching.

Formaligo has already used the eight reinforcements signed in January, with Diego Figueroa, Robben Vinagre, Ugarte, Grove, Herberto Tavares, Ivo Rodriguez, Alexandre Quotes and Pap Rodriguez now introducing George Silas.

The midfielder, who was borrowed by Olympiacos, added the first minutes of the defeat (0-2) with Morriens, raising the number of players used in the I-League to 40 at one round (17 games). In this list, Babik is the player who plays the most minutes (1521), which has been a starter – but not a total player – and in all the matches so far, there are seven players who have already left the team: Tony Martinez (FC Porto. Another feature: three of them , Abdul Ibrahim, Matthias Clemente and George Perera, under 23 years of age.

Extends the range to all clubs in the championship, with Benfica, Prague, Vs. There are Guimares and Maratimo, 29 editions used in this edition. Last season, the record belonged to Aves, which ended with 44. As for Famaliko, who was sent to Silas from the hands of Jamo Pedro Sousa, everyone has already played, in a team of 30, the last closure.

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