Removing total options from Facebook pages through visual redesign || News |

Removing total options from Facebook pages through visual redesign ||  News |

The new page design will be released in the next few months

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Facebook announced on Wednesday (6) that the total number of likes on the pages will be changed by the number of followers.

The goal is to clarify how many people can be reached by the publications on each page – that content can be enjoyed and stopped on the social network or vice versa.

The amount of reactions in the posts, such as “I liked”, “I loved” and “Wow” are constantly displayed.

This change will occur with a product in appearance, which will make the pages easier, and will gradually be released over the next few months. See new:

The total number of options on the pages will vary by the number of followers;

The biography and description of the pages will be very important;

Administrators can create a new type of publication with question and answer to communicate with followers;

Pages can follow other creators and have news feeds that target executives. This allows content creators to follow, interact with posts and follow trends.

Comments from public figures and verified pages will be posted throughout the social network;

The verified logo will be highlighted in these comments, and there will be a “Follow” button next to the page name.

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