Renato Piva explains Benfica’s exit: It is almost impossible to be a champion in Team B …

Renato Piva explains Benfica's exit: It is almost impossible to be a champion in Team B ...

After 16 years of coaching, the coach admits he wanted to join his heart club’s core team. “If one day it happens, I’m happy, but now I only think about doing good work,” he says.

Renato Piva will lead the team for the last time against Benfica B this Sunday, sending the next day’s portfolio to Nelson Verasimo, who has been Bruno Lodge’s assistant and returned to the red squad after serving last season’s main team. .

Biva goes to the Independent del Valle for at least two years as Ecuador coach, but the 16 years he spent on various teams of the Sixers will not be forgotten. Coach O’Cam explains that the possibility of him going to a project where he is fighting for trophies was crucial to overcoming the challenge.

“It’s a lifetime in Benfica, with players, coaches, managers, opponents, I grew up here on a professional and personal level. Everyone who I am has helped me. But I have to challenge myself, win titles again, and on the B team, being a champion is almost impossible. The results were good to get into football, and I had a personal goal in that too.

A determined Benfica player, the coach agrees, one day he wants to coach the main team, he is not alone. “We can have goals, but I do not want to position anyone with that. Coach Benfica? The future will tell you. I have never hidden that I am a Benfica fan. If you ask a fan if you want to coach your team, the answer will be clear. If that happens, I’m happy now I’m thinking of doing a great job at Independent, “he insists.

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When PTV already asked about his high points at the club, Biva pointed out the stars. “They are there when I sit on the couch watching the Premier League, La Liga, national team and there are the boys and others who have passed my hands. This is what I am most proud of, as well as when I get news from them, they forget our job,” the coach said. There was a big injury, but life is still like that. ” Renato Piva was also emotional during this farewell: “I’m leaving Benfica, but Benfica will never leave me.”

Being a champion is objective
In Ecuador, Renato Piva will face a new challenge for which he has already set immediate goals. “I go with two goals: one of which is to take the Independent to the national championship, which is yet to be managed, and the other is to win the Libertadores trophy,” he revealed. Wait, it’s a new reality, but … it’s like: “This is a club like Benfica, because it’s one of the biggest academies in South America, where they want to raise players. I want to leave my identity there.”

Vieira understood the situation
To leave, Renato Piva had to be approved by Luis Philippe Vieira. “The president gave me this opportunity to leave, and I was very sensitive when I realized that this was very important to me,” the coach said, thanking people like Jaime Grana, Jose Henriques, Pastos Lopez, Nene, Se Louis and Pietra. , Shaw, Pento and Rui Costa.

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