Rescuers rescue Turkish earthquake survivors, increasing death toll

Rescuers rescue Turkish earthquake survivors, increasing death toll

Onlookers cheered on Saturday as rescuers lifted teenage Inci Okan from a collapsed eight-story apartment complex in Izmir City, Turkey, just a day after an earthquake of intensity 6.9 shook the area.

Inci’s dog Fistik was also rescued, providing a bright moment for the crew to pick and plow the desolate place. AP is.

With hundreds of aftershocks, the death toll rose to 28, and more than 800 were injured in three Turkish cities. So far, about 100 people have been rescued.

A powerful earthquake in the Aegean Sea shook Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city. Hit noon on friday, At least 20 buildings collapsed and a small tsunami poured into the streets.

At least 26 people were killed in the city, including an elderly woman who had drowned, and numerous people were trapped under the remains of more than 20 pancake-sprayed buildings.

Workers were struggling to save a 38-year-old woman and four children of three, seven and ten years old twins from the remains of one of the collapsed structures. Reuters Report. Search and rescue work has been completed in eight buildings and is ongoing in nine other buildings, officials said.

Two teenagers died after a wall collapsed on the Greek island of Samos. At least 19 people were injured on the island.

In a sign of solidarity, which is rare in months of tense bilateral relations, officials of the Greek and Turkish governments released a mutual message of solidarity during telephone conversations between Greek and Turkish leaders.

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