Researchers are developing a new way to print new vegetables in 3D

Researchers are developing a new way to print new vegetables in 3D

Researchers in Singapore have developed a way to “print” fresh, more nutritious and tasty 3D vegetables that can be used for patients with difficulty swallowing.

According to information released this Thursday by the University of Technology and Design of Singapore, a joint investigation by experts from Nanyang Technological University and Guo Tek Puat Hospital is defending a new way of making food from fresh and frozen vegetables. Better nutrition and tastes better than other methods ever used.

Food from 3D printers Usually made from pures and then printed And assembled in layers, and they are usually intended for people with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). Made from dehydrated or lyophilized food, These foods usually contain many additives, which usually change the taste, texture and aroma, making them unpleasant for patients.

To deal with the problem, researchers in Singapore tested different combinations of fresh and frozen vegetables, not only preserving the nutrients better but also making them more palatable, which could lead to an increase in patient consumption.

The researchers also found that foods that need to be printed can be classified into three categories, each requiring different types of treatment to become printable.

“Our technology enables us to provide adequate, nutritious and safe food to dysphagic patients. Their food is very dignified, allowing them to socialize and eat food that looks, feels and tastes like normal food. Used in day care centers with other swallowing disorders, ”said Yi Zhang, chief researcher on the team at Nanyang Technological University.

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According to the official, the investigation is “another step in the digital gastronomy”, which makes it possible to meet the specific needs of dietitians and customize nutrition in an attractive way.

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