Researchers map the “freeways” of the solar system

Researchers map the "freeways" of the solar system

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have discovered “shortcuts.” The Solar System We can help Spacecraft And fast travel studies. Created these “space highways” Gravity Of planets and lasts only a few decades.

According to scientists, these pathways lead Comets and asteroids Next Thursday Up to Neptune (About 646 million kilometers) in less than a decade – and 100 astronomical units (14 billion kilometers, i.e. 100 times the distance between the Sun and the Earth), within a century. These structures, described as “curves of chaos”, are described in an article Posted in Scientific advances.


“Jupiter being the largest body in our planetary system is responsible for most of the structures we have discovered,” said U.C. Aaron Rosengren, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in San Diego and one of the authors of the article, explains. . “But every planet creates the same kind of ‘curves’, and all of these structures can be involved to create more complex transport routes,” he adds.

The video shows how curves form in 120 years

Space highways extend from the asteroid belt to Uranus and beyond. During orbit around the Sun, the planets “carry” their highways, and each planet has its own curves. The paths that appear from different planets can cross each other, and they are so complex that they can only be seen in two or three dimensions with modern computers.

By collecting numerical data on millions of orbits in our solar system, and by calculating how these orbits fit into known space types, researchers have been able to map these paths. “Not only is it an important component in the design of spacecraft navigation and missions, but these types can also explain the apparent irregularity of comets,” the scientists explain.

The results need to be further explored to determine how they can be used by the spacecraft or how such types operate near Earth. We need to know whether these roads control not only the asteroids and meteorites that pass close to our planet, but also their influence on the population of man-made artificial objects in the Earth-Moon system.


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