Researchers “swap bodies” of close friends and discover they swap personalities, as well / Boing Boing

Scientists "swap bodies" of friends and discover they swap personalities, too / Boing Boing

Scientists at the Brain, Body, and Self Laboratory at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden outfitted pairs of pals with video clip goggles so they noticed issues from each other’s point of view. “To even more the illusion,” stories Science Daily, “they utilized simultaneous touches to equally members on corresponding system pieces so they could also come to feel what they saw in the goggles.” They discovered that the members in the research “tended to fee themselves as more equivalent to the friend whose overall body they were in.”

Immediately after just a couple of moments, the illusion typically worked to exhibit that it did, the scientists threatened the friend’s body with a prop knife and identified that the participant broke out into a sweat as if they ended up the one becoming threatened. “Human body swapping is not a area reserved for science fiction movies anymore,” Tacikowski claims.

Contributors were being only designed to really feel like they experienced “woken up in an individual else’s entire body” for a quick time period of time, but that was extensive plenty of to considerably alter their self-perception. Ahead of the body swap, individuals rated their mates on features like talkativeness, cheerfulness, independence, and self confidence. When compared to this baseline, throughout the swap, they tended to amount themselves as much more very similar to the good friend whose system they were in.

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