Resetting Apple Silicon M1 Max can lead to MacOS installation errors

Resetting Apple Silicon M1 Max can lead to MacOS installation errors

Many customers who bought a new Mac with the M1 Apple silicone The application has detected a problem while trying to recover the machine, which is inactive and leads The error is stuck on the screen “Error generating update. Failed to customize software update.”

There are At least Three texts Macroemers Forums Outlines the problem Warning against retrieving one of the new machines. Macroemers Reader Ryanflin Describes the problem:

I got my M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Since I do not need any of the included software, it is always my process to restore the operating system without things like garage band and iMovie.

An error related to “Customizing system update” occurs during the installation process

After two hours on the phone with Apple attention, they told me that 75 people had called this issue and they had no job. I was instructed to return my computers, or wait to be repaired. Without an operating system running, I have no way of installing future updates, so these computers are effectively brick.

While Apple support Ryanflyn could not provide a reliable solution to the problem, others did Macroemers Readers found a solution.

Apple Contains instructions In using Configuration 2 and Secondary Mac to update or reset an unresponsive Apple Silicon Mac. This method requires a newer version of Apple Framework 2, a functional Mac and a suitable cable to connect both Macs.

Resetting in this way restores the firmware, updates the recovery OS to the latest version, and installs the latest version of MacOS on the internal storage, thereby erasing all data. This time Was successful Two Macroemers Readers with recovery issues.

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Apple may have a bug fix for this issue in the future, but it would be better to avoid resetting an ‘Apple Silicon’ Mac now. For those who have already done so and are in trouble, the Apple Builder solution may be worth trying.

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