Review | 2020 Never Again – Netflix sees the funny fantasy documentary as a paradox

Review |  2020 Never Again - Netflix sees the funny fantasy documentary as a paradox

The only consensus we can take from this year is that no one predicted everything that happened. 2020 is the year to track everything around the world, so for the first time, Netflix Decided to create a reflection backwards in the last 365 days, which has now come to the stage with the name ‘2020 is not back‘- or, in the original,’Death by 2020‘.

For more than an hour, the fictional documentary, based on real events, is divided between pictures of events that took place in 2020 and testimonies from guests, giving their opinions and opinions about the facts. However, these guests – some “materialists” – are completely imaginary, although their statements are very similar to many of the things we have been asking for this year. Among them, the historian stands alone Tennyson Foss (Hugh Grant), And he’s a subtle way of mixing real history (with a capital H) and fictional saga, ‘Game of Thrones‘e’Star Wars‘; Consultant Casa Franca Ginetta Grace Susan (Lisa Kudrow), A denier whose speech is twisted according to what is favorable to conservatives; The Draw. Maggie Crawl (Leslie Jones), Whose tired comments are super clear (too much); Influencer Duke (Joe Giri), A foreign opportunist who has gained millions of followers and likes to “react” to the events of the year in videos; And super racist housewife and good citizen Kathy flowers (Christine Milliodi), As long as blacks and immigrants stay away from her – who thinks she is a sympathetic woman because she is a Latin woman. These are all driven by reflections Dash bracket (Samuel L. Jackson), Whose dialogues seem to reflect the opinion of the actor.

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Looking at the profile of these characters, ‘2020 is not back‘- Eighteen people wrote! – He worked hard to find the stories of each of them, representing the people we all have to deal with this year. While everyone is imaginative, the answers these characters give are very real, they are annoying – and perhaps that is one of the main negative points of the film. Of course, the general purpose should be a paradoxical and awkward summary of what happened in 2020 (well summed up, it restricts itself only to the events of the US and the UK, and, in this universe, only cures epidemics, US elections and anti-racism), but will be used for production The tone leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and quickly goes from laughter to irritating anger – above all, this negativity, relativism, selfishness and individualism got to where we are this December 31st.

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Despite this, the direction Al Campbell e Alice Matthias An interesting setback that is different from the Innocent program, manages to be very acid and bite.Port 2‘, But it creates an interesting exhibition line similar to the signature Netflix. Also, if everything goes right (or wrong), we can prepare, and that is the end 2021 A ‘2021 is not back‘.

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