Review | In Search of Ohana (Original Netflix)

Review |  In Search of Ohana (Original Netflix)

Do you know one of those youth films we got used to seeing in the afternoon session? In search of Ohana (Or ‘Discovering Ohana) Applies to this item. It is an adventure in which a 12-year-old girl is the protagonist and their mission is to search for the lost treasure by the Marines: Hawaii.

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This is another film that seeks to create identity for others and even to represent themselves in films. We grew accustomed to cinematography works only with completely white actors, but that is constantly changing, thus giving the viewer a sense of belonging.

At the moment, the cast is made up of Hawaiian actors. The story is about two brothers (Billy and I) who grew up in New York, which is why relationships with their origins are not those things.

After the grandfather begins to experience difficulties, the brothers (along with the mother) return to Hawaii to help him.

They need to reconnect with their appearance as they decide to embark on an adventure in search of a treasure that can guarantee a solution to all their problems.

Actors and characters

As mentioned earlier, the entire cast is made up of Hawaiian actors (with the exception of Caspar, White and Supporter).

In the lead roles, Billialoha Gavena (Billy) is played by actress Kia Beihu, her brother Aione (I) is played by Alex Iono, Hana and Caspar, respectively, by Lindsay Watson and Owen Vacaro.

The characters are no different than we are used to seeing in youth adventure films, and even the plot above them is not so original.

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Even with this identity, family culture is not much explored, and we focus more on adventures than on this other side. But it is not desirable to think about whether only clich திரைப்படம் film is made, because even clich படை works without representation are very common.

Motion and photography

Since Christina Strain’s script with Jude Weng’s direction, this film makes a point for delivering what was proposed. Right now, the viewer is immersed in this great adventure, without much fuss.

First, we were introduced to Billy’s best pastime: participating in camping competitions related to treasure hunting. Also, against Hawaii, the girl first saw her grandfather’s book, which contains the story of the lost treasure.

Watching a movie is almost like watching a TV series about adventures, which came directly from the work that Weng did for TV in the past. The camera always shows us what the viewer wants to see and the cameras do a simple job of shooting.

Display and wear

In the scenery, we can see the best inspirations in Indiana Jones, all the places where the story takes place are incredible places and a little playful, all of which create the tension of an adventurous and mysterious place.

Billy has this tomboy vibe, so he wears clothes that are considered feminine. The character seeks comfort because he is always involved in situations that require action. I’m a guy who usually dresses up as a guy from the US, as it removes him further from his look.

The film is already on the list and is ideal for distracting children during this period in which we live. Did you see? What do you think? Comment!

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