Rihanna’s bruised face after a scooter crash should be a safety wake-up call.

Rihanna's bruised face after a scooter crash should be a safety wake-up call.

I was never ashamed My support for electric scooters and electric bikes as an important part of the alternative transport puzzle. However, with the increasing number of high-profile accidents, it’s time to take seriously the importance of rider safety.

A recent incident that made headlines is Rihanna’s electric scooter crash.

Recording artist It looked like black eyes and bruised faces. There was an electric scooter accident this weekend.

It is not known what kind of electric scooter Rihanna is riding, or wearing a helmet…

Noteworthy case Injured celebrity Brilliant news about electric scooters and electric bikes means we tend to listen. But Countless others are similarly and needlessly injured.Is not reported.

While many riders are lucky to walk with scratching their knees and bruising their pride, one of the main causes of serious injuries is head trauma that could have been prevented by wearing a helmet.

Revel’s Shared Electric Scooter Program It was resumed in New York City after three deaths in the last two months.. Again, we The death of local NYC news reporter Nina KapurHe died while riding a Revel scooter without wearing a helmet. However, these accidents happen all too often, and they seldom make news without a famous name to get their attention.

And I do not choose any service or scooter company. Revel New strict safety regulations The scooter can only be unlocked if the rider is wearing a helmet “Helmet selfie”This includes asking for. Each scooter comes in a cargo box with two helmets equipped with separate sanitary liners.

Shared electric scooter company Lime and bud Riders need to request a helmet in advance, but we provide free helmets to riders.

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audi e-tron Scooter electric
Don’t be this guy. Wear a helmet!

The safety measures from these companies are helpful, but the only way to make this type of two-wheeled electric vehicle more secure is to put safety first as a rider.

That means wearing a helmet. This means riding in the proper bike lane instead of weaving around pedestrians. This means getting used to your electric scooter or electric bike before taking it off a busy road for the first time.

Of course, like all forms of transportation, electric bicycles and electric scooters have inherent dangers. Electric scooters are statistically more dangerous than cars, statistically more dangerous than buses, and statistically more dangerous than trains.

But when More and more riders are switching to electric bikes. Due to COVID-19 concerns, it is more important than ever for riders to take steps to mitigate the risks of micro-mobility compared to shared cars, buses and trains. Wear a helmet Drive within limits. Know your local traffic laws. Yield to the car. of course. Perhaps you have the right of way. It’s great. And on your gravestone, “Here is a lie to readers. He had the right of way.”

swagtron swagger 7 scooter

But the most important thing is to take your time to master the vehicle you are using. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike, but electric scooters can fool you. It follows the same principles as a bicycle or electric bike, but requires special consideration because the wheels are small and inherently less stable. If you’re new to riding a scooter, consider renting a friend’s car and practicing in the parking lot first. Do a donut, learn how the steering reacts, put more weight on the scooter and brake slowly to practice so that it doesn’t fly over the handlebars. Keep in mind, of course, that small wheels can’t handle the kind of obstacles like bicycle wheels. If in doubt, stop and go around.

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While the practice isn’t perfect, you can experience and handle the surprises that inevitably occur in the real world a lot better.

Again, I strongly support the role of electric scooters and other forms of micromobility. It reduces CO2 emissions, eliminates road congestion and helps outside riders breathe fresh air. Damn, I don’t even drive a car — I go everywhere in the city I have to go Various types of electric motorcycles (Or even a four-wheeled vehicle if you are counting an electric skateboard).

Different vehicles have different helmets.

However, as it advocates the increasing use of micro-mobility vehicles, we are not seeing the world through rose-colored riding goggles. We all have to admit that these types of vehicles require more safety considerations and riding attention to operate safely. It begins with wearing a helmet and getting used to how to safely and confidently drive such vehicles. But it continues there. Every ride is an opportunity to practice those skills and hone our awareness.

Each of us is responsible for our own safety. If you enjoy riding, make sure to ride safely, appropriately and responsibly so that you can continue riding for years to come. I’m happy to ride with you!

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