Rio de Janeiro hosts the Portuguese Cinema Exhibition until March

Rio de Janeiro hosts the Portuguese Cinema Exhibition until March

A The film show, promoted by Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (CCPP) in Rio de Janeiro, begins today with Ico Costa’s ‘Nio Vevta Nafta’ short films, Marta Matthias ” Forbes, Baldios ‘,’ Ballad Pedro Costa’s award-winning film ‘Vitalina Varela’ It is one of the 93 films included in the official list of nominees for the Oscars for Best International Film.

Point Costa’s film was screened at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland in August 2019, where she won major awards: Golden Leopard and Leopard for Best Female Performance. Since then, it has won more than 22 awards, most notably for Best Picture and Best Performance, at nearly 30 international film festivals, mainly in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Throughout this month, films such as ‘O Hunchback’ by Gabriel Apprentice and Ben Rivers, ‘Ascencio’ by Point Pedro, ‘Reteno’ by Miguel Gomez, ‘Ramiro’, ‘Manuel Moses’ and ‘Colo’ will also be on display. . Jono Point Rodriguez, and ‘Now what? Remind me ‘, wrote Joachim Pinto.

Part of the exhibition, Susanna de Sousa Dias, ‘Cardos da Gera’, Ivo Ferreira, ‘Understory’, Margarita Cardoso, ‘Fernando Bezova saved Portugal’, Eugene Green, ‘Seafood Caterina Mourinho,’ Volta de ‘ , Joyo Point Pleisto wrote, ‘It’s on Earth, Not on the Moon’, Gonallo Docha, ‘An Invisible Life’, Water Conewolves and ‘Tabu, Miguel Gomez.

The cinema event will repeat the exhibition of some films and short films in the months of February and March 1st.

‘John From’ by Jono Nikolaev, ‘A Fabrica de Nada’ by Point Pinto, ‘A Arvor’ by Andre Gill Mata and ‘Eldorado XXI’ by Saloma Lamas, presentation ‘From Portugal to the World’ ‘.

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There will be free admission to the Portuguese Cinema Exhibition, under the curatorship of Henrique Ferreira in Point Pedro, and will include thematic discussions, online activities that bring together Brazilian and Portuguese researchers and filmmakers.

Despite being live, the show will have restrictions due to the epidemic of Govt-19, which is one of its biggest sources of spread in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

At the cinema, thorough cleaning before each session and a two meter gap between the seats and the mandatory use of mask and alcohol gel were reduced to 50%.

Face-to-face ticketing is prohibited at the office, and almost all tickets are available.

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