Robert Kirkman’s Zombie Looks Canon is dead notes

Robert Kirkman's Zombie Looks Canon is dead notes

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 7 seems to point to Robert Kirkman’s explanation that the origin of the zombie virus is canonical in the universe.

The Walking Dead: Beyond the World The zombie dropped a note about the origin of the virus, and this is in line with what owner-creator Robert Kirkman has said in the past. Since then The Walking Dead Comics and TV series have been released and fans are wondering how it all started. There is no one inside The Walking DeadThe word zombie is well known around the world, and CDC The Walking Dead Season 1, the only answer they got was how people were turned into immortals.

One question that has alienated characters and fans alike in the universe is how the zombie virus got started. At one point it seemed like that Fear the walking dead Season 1 during the initial eruption solves that mystery, but viewers were able to see the world disintegrate in ways The Walking Dead Never showed, which provided no trace of the origin of the virus. Then in the summer of 2020, Kirkman revealed what he really was Started Walking deadZombie explosion – However, in all fairness, he was mostly joking because it was a ridiculous answer.

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Kirkman suggested doing a space trick The Walking DeadZombie virus. Inside now The Walking Dead: Beyond the World Season 1, Episode 7, “Truth or Dare”, an American Marine says, I heard that this virus came from space and made people sick. Beyond the World this character claims to be far from confirming the origin of the zombie virus, but it is at least a credible theory and the only one mentioned so far Walking dead Right so far.

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There may be another reason for referring to the virus coming from Marine space Note Night of the Living Dead. George A. Romero’s film is proud to introduce the zombie genre in entertainment – for good reason; It is one of the many corners of horror, often cited as inspiration for zombie movies, shows and books The Walking Dead. In the film, the emergency broadcast shows that the Jonas eruption was caused by radiation from a study returning from Venus, which exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere.

So Kirkman and Beyond the world Referring to Night of the Living Dead, But this is the only principle that fans should continue to follow. The fact mentioned therein Walking: Beyond the Dead World The following may be important Scientists of the Civic Republic It seems to work in a zombie treatment – or, at the very least, trying to understand the basics of the zombie virus. Season 2 may bring additional answers about the origin of the virus and how to defeat the ones that happen at the end.

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