Robert Rodriguez believes that the Alita sequel could happen

Alita: Anjo de Combate

Launched in 2019, Alita: Battle Angel The expected complete box office success may not be The fox, But the success of the feature after he arrived Streaming Is in operation Home-Video Keeps the hopes of fans looking forward to the sequel alive. Director of the film, Robert Rodriguez Joined the chorus of people looking forward to the sequel, which suggests Disney, The new title holder is the perfect tool to bring the second chapter of Alita’s story to the masses.

Bought Disney Fox, they have Disney +, So this is a conversation”, Said the filmmaker Forbes. “I know people will want to see [a uma sequência] I want to do one more thing”. Secundo Rodriguez, or Streaming Created a great opportunity to create scenes because it uses titles with an already established audience and presents them to fans ”They are the easiest way to consume. This is not a bad idea”.

There have been positive experiences with Rodriguez Streaming Recently. In addition to directing one of the much talked about episodes of the second season Mandalorian, The director also ordered Small big heroesThe movie Netflix Located in the same universe Sharkboy & LavaGirl 3D.

Alita: Battle Angel, Based on the manga War Angel Alita, Tells the story of a title character who lives in a cyberpunk world set in the 26th century. In the plot, bounty hunter Daisy Ido finds a broken cyborg and decides to treat her as a daughter, naming her Alita. Inspired by her foster father, the electronic girl then decides to follow in her footsteps and goes hunting. The film did 4 404 million Available worldwide at the box office, and on digital platforms and physical media.

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