Robin Wright Sundance Festival – Debuted internationally as a director

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American actress Robin Wright has always wanted to be behind the camera, but her experience as director of 10 episodes of the Netflix series House of Cards helped direct her first film.

“What a gift this is! Without it, I would never have had the confidence to change course and make a movie,” Robin Wright explained at Sunday’s Lands premiere.

The film tells the story of Eddie, played by Wright, who decides to live alone in Wyoming’s wonderful but unforgiving nature after personal tragedy.

In a dilapidated hut, without any sign of civilization, without a phone or a car, Eddie tries to learn how to survive and hunt. Your experience is dangerous before the local hunter arrives.

“Why this movie? To remind us that we need each other,” Wright said in a video call interview, due to infection.

“We face adversity. Usually it is someone else’s kindness and compassion that helps us cope with difficult times … which makes sense to each of us today.”

Wright, who played sophisticated Claire Underwood in the House of Cards, experienced unprecedented challenges in recording “Land” for 29 days in the remote region of the Canadian province of Alberta.

“We had a summer day and suddenly winter came,” he said. “So, we had to register from 10 to 15 [cenas] Per day “.

Eddie was unable to record a scene in the mountain where he encountered a bear, fearing that the trained animal would encounter other wild bears of its species, whose presence was so common in the sets that one of them often seemed to eat hamburgers.

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Another challenge for Wright is casting his first film simultaneously. “You’re in front of the camera, two meters in the snow, and you can’t walk to see the picture because it leaves footprints in the snow,” he explained.

The most important Sundance Festival for Independent Cinema in the United States takes place almost this year and its 72 films will be shown by streaming.

The event, co-founded by Robert Redford, ends Wednesday.


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