Rocket attack report in Israel during historic White House peace agreement signing

Rocket attack report in Israel during historic White House peace agreement signing

As a normalization agreement between Israel and the two Arab states took place at the White House,, Palestinian militants in Gaza launched two rockets on Israel on Tuesday.

Several people were injured in the rocket attack.

Jerusalem Post Thirteen people were reported to be injured.

Trump announces deal between Israel and Bahrain to normalize relations for peace in the Middle East

Israeli forces say two rockets were launched from Gaza and one was intercepted by air defense.

Palestine opposes an agreement with: United Arab Emirates and BahrainIt was viewed as a betrayal of their cause by Arab states that agreed to recognize Israel without securing territorial concessions.

Hamas, an Islamic armed group, has been ruling Gaza since 2007, seizing power from internationally supported Palestinian authorities. Israel and Egypt have put serious blockades on the coastal area ever since.

Although many Palestinian armed groups are active in Gaza, Israel responds to rocket launches, with Hamas responsible for all attacks and generally air strikes against armed targets.

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Israel and Hamas have fought three wars and several small battles since 2007. Egypt and Qatar brokered an unofficial ceasefire in which Hamas controlled rocket attacks in exchange for economic aid and blockade easing, but the agreement was broken. many times.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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