Rockstar patented NPC technology; Will it be for GTA6?

Rockstar patented NPC technology;  Will it be for GTA6?

Rockstar owner Tag-Du has patented a new transportation system to manage the navigation of usable NPCs on GTA6. There are details about the behavior of the characters and the routes of the vehicles.

A Patent, “Computer and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Context” (in Free Translation) by Rockstar Owner Tag-Too Recorded in October 2020, recently discovered by users Reddit. The system described was developed by Simon Barr, head of AI (artificial intelligence) programming, and David Hind, technical director of Rockstar.

This new system is designed to create “a virtual virtual world that is not defined by hardware and software limitations,” which acts as a replacement for existing systems and conventional systems that cannot generate the NPC behaviors that players expect within the confines of memory. Networking. This particularly refers to traffic behavior; Patent details for boats, cars and drivers. The system in question will lead to a more realistic and high-speed traffic simulation.

One particular detail is that the organization wants “each NPC to be able to define their specific characteristics for crossing roads”. These characteristics include acceleration, braking time and distance, and an understanding of maximum speed and velocity when making a turn. NPCs and AI systems can use these attributes to create the most realistic drivers on the roads of a game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is a transportation system designed by Rockstar programmers without reaching definitive results. This project is not specified in the patent, however IGN Rockstar knows that GDA6 is in development, so it is understandable to assume that the new technology will be made for the game. Still, there are no official confirmations.

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Another highlight is a phrase from the patent, which means computer “navigation and virtual object management in a multiplayer gaming community”. If the computer was designed for a multiplayer game, the GTA6 format might be in question: will it be online only? On the other hand, this system was built to complement GDA online; Details refer to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles instead of the new generation, in which GTA 6 will probably be released.

In addition, the computer must operate through a cloud network that communicates with the players’ consoles. If the system is for GTA6 and does not have game multiplayer, the title may require a stable Internet connection to provide the processing responsible for this NPC behavior.

To put it in context, patenting involves evaluating current issues with NPCs navigation systems, indicating that limited resource simulation reduces complexity. The current processing power and memory restrictions make some NPCs “disappear when the player accesses NPC”, explains the patent. The document further states that current NPC systems only allow a predetermined number of vehicles controlled by NPCs and that “gamers expect more than a predetermined number of vehicles controlled by NPCs in a video game that provides a realistic experience”.

In addition, the patent describes that current conventional systems rely on traffic for “high level ignorance” behavior, which may make vehicles unable to react to blocked roads. The new system was created to avoid such situations.

While Rockstar has been quiet about the next GTA, the company recently introduced The Coupe de Cayo Perico for GTA Online, the result of seven years of evolution, finally allowing a single player approach to online content.

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* Translated by: Bruno Yonesawa

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