Roku brings Roku channels to Amazon Fire TV.

Roku brings Roku channels to Amazon Fire TV.

Roku Channel, Roku’s free streaming service with over 100,000 ad-supported titles and 115 live TV channels, is now available to Amazon Fire TV users. The company announced today. And it may seem odd that The Roku Channel resides on Fire TV devices. Amazon and Roku are direct competitors to set-top box hardware. It can actually mean a lot.

Neither Amazon nor Roku truly relies on selling hardware to boost their TV brand. Amazon’s gadgets have always been the gateway to Amazon’s services, and companies may need more content to deliver Fire TV on top of their existing channels. Meanwhile, Roku makes up most of the revenue. Through advertising and subscriptions, This is NBCUniversal Peacock to roll out On Roku. It makes sense for companies to want to make their Roku channel accessible to as many people as possible.

Roku executives announced at the end of the second quarter of this year that their brand would reach approximately 43 million people across the United States. If many of these customers spend time watching the Roku channel, Roku can play a bigger role for more advertising revenue.

Roku launch Roku channel in 2017, And have been investing in growth since then. Bringing channels to Amazon is just one of the many steps Roku is taking to serve as many people as possible. Roku is also developing apps for Apple and Android devices coming this year to make it easier for people to watch on their phones. However, Amazon Fire TV owners can now watch Roku channel content, but still cannot subscribe to premium channels or services through Amazon’s channels. These services must be performed on your Roku device. Roku already hosts Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music on their devices.

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Roku distributes Roku channels to Amazon Fire TV devices, Fire TV smart TV sets, and Fire TV Edition soundbars.

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