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Have you ever wondered which film was the most successful on your birthday? OK, site Playback.FM Based at the box office in the United States – and even shows the trailer for the product. According to Screen Rand, The big hits of cinema will have a huge impact.

After launch, as indicated by the website Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), name Luke Became popular among newborns in the United States. The website also gave examples of the same case with names Elsa, In Frozen, Further Isabella, From Saga Twilight.

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Pointing to the most successful film of its birth, Playback.FM It also shows how much the ticket costs to see the film in the United States. The website also calculates how many times the image will run in a cycle from your date of birth. Production data from 1912 to 2017 are available.

Let’s use Wagner Moura For example. Actor and star Elite team Born June 27, 1976, and horror film Prophecy Was very successful at the box office in the United States. To date, if it had reproduced in one cycle, production would have been repeated 246,397 times. Tickets to see the movie are $ 2.13.

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To access Playback.FM, Click here.

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