Rolling Stone the office surpassed Montalorian among the most watched streaming products in the United States; See list


7 years after the series ended, Office Ranked first and surpassed most viewed products in North American streams Mandalorian, Step Nielsen ranking.

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Office Gained a lot of attention for dropping out of streaming in December Netflix USA on New Year’s Day – Last month American fans watched the series even more and its audience soared.

As stated in it Variety, Sitcom aired on December 7 for about 1.3 billion minutes Mandalorian Recorded 1 billion, which Office In the first place among the most seen products.

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It is the seventh time Office Occupies this position – and is one of the top 10 most viewed products Nielsen, Step Variety. If the two series have one thing in common, how popular they are among fans.

Since the introduction Mandalorian In 2019, the series proved to be the most popular, and became the most stolen series of 2020. See the list of most viewed products in North American streams for the week of December 7:

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  1. Office (Netflix)
  2. Mandalorian(Disney Plus)
  3. Virgin River (Netflix)
  4. Crown (Netflix)
  5. Manhunt: Deadly game(Netflix)
  6. The occult(Netflix)
  7. Gray physique(Netflix)
  8. Guilt thinking (Netflix)
  9. Big mouth (Netflix)
  10. Shits Creek (Netflix)

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