Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team

Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team

ASHBURN, Va.-said Ron Rivera, coach of the Washington football team. Dwayne Haskines It remains on his plans, despite having sat on a bench earlier this week.

“I never gave up on him,” said Rivera.

Washington has Skins Kyle Allen Los Angeles Rams vs. Sunday Match. Haskins will be the third quarterback. Alex Smith. As Rivera previously said he would stick to Haskins through the growth process, these movements represent a major pivot.

But he also made it clear last week that he would like to see more progress. In many areas of Haskins’ game, Rivera switched to Allen, with his play in the division, where progress was scarce and he could win with a record below 500.

According to several sources, Washington has drafted Haskines with the idea that it will be seating Haskines throughout the season with its 15th overall pick in 2019. However, due to injuries and a bad record, Haskins eventually started playing 7 games. Haskins received all 1st Army representatives from the training camp and was officially nominated as a starter at the end of August.

Over four games, Haskins had the lowest total QBR of the NFL (30.9), which measures the impact of quarterbacks on the game. Despite throwing 314 yards in Week 4, Haskins was the second-lowest in the NFL’s total QBR of 31.5. He ranks the bottom of the league in the percentage of completion of a throw that has moved 5 air yards or more (43.6).

Part of what Washington wants now: How Haskins responds to saying that part of the organization is the first real adversity it faces as a quarterback. For now, the way he can respond is to study more and actually do mental repetitions.

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“A big part of that is watching and studying,” Rivera said. “Like today, he looked down the field from behind the quarterback watching the teammates behind the quarterback. It’s important to get involved and stay connected… I’ve just told you the only reason I’m doing what I do. Because of the circumstances and circumstances in which you are in.

Allen spent two years in Carolina with Rivera and Scott Turner, current Washington Offensive Coordinator. Rivera wanted to hold a quarterback tournament this summer, but because there was no pre-season, he broke that plan. He also said that the lack of a normal offseason and no preseason matches hampered Haskins’ growth and made Allen’s knowledge of Turner’s attack more valuable.

“There’s something Dwayne is still learning,” Rivera said, but Kyle knows it in terms of communicating with the offensive line. “This is something we go through and develop as we go through this. Dwayne will learn and see how these things are done.”

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