Rumors: Apple’s iPhone 13 will have a thin TrueDepth module and a small peak

Imagem iPhone 12 Pro

The peak, or peak at the top of the iPhone screen, somehow illustrates the images displayed in full screen. However, this inconvenience has the advantage of a better security system on the smartphone. Now, Apple is committed to mitigating this impact.

According to some rumors, Cupertino’s next smartphone model is expected to offer a slimmer “Trudeau” as it launches this fall.

What's new in Apple's iPhone 13?

Based on some information, Apple will maintain the design of the current generation with a dense body. In addition, both Pro models are expected to have the same camera module.

According to a quote from someone in Apple's Chinese supplier chair, Mac Ottakara reports that the "iPhone 13" will incorporate minor but important design changes to allow the phone's trudept package to be thinner.

All four models of the iPhone 13 (expected to follow the sizes of the 12 series) will have almost identical design. That is, the height and width of the devices will remain the same, but the thickness will increase by 0.26 mm.

An explanation of what can be meant on the iPhone 13

Extreme rumor on iPhone 13

Change the layout of the elements at the apex

Elements may take on new levels. In particular, the unit should move the handset to the edge of the display near the chassis. Although not detailed in the report, the design can show the iPhone's bezel-mounted handset.

Current iPhone models with Face ID feature the phone's important - and physically large - computer computer's spot projector and color front camera on the right, and infrared flash and infrared camera on the left.

Description of the Apple Face ID module on the iPhone X.

In this latest version of the technology, Apple miniaturized some TrueDepth components on the iPhone 12, but this process failed to create a small "peak" part Promised in rumors last year.

IPhone 13: Rear cameras will also be added

The latest report also states that the rear camera unit of the "iPhone 13" will be 0.9mm thick on all next generation models. According to sources, the new design will replace the "protrusion" of the camera with longer lenses, featuring an integrated unit with each camera module and covered with a sapphire glass plate.

In addition, the so-called "iPhone 13 Pro" and "iPhone 13 Pro Max" camera units are considered identical. Therefore, it is suggested that the lower tier model receive optical image stabilization with sensor stabilization in 2021.

IPhone 11 Pro Max Next iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Module

Apple has expanded the camera expansion on the iPhone 12 Pro Max to accommodate a 47% larger wide-angle sensor, making it the first iPhone camera module to benefit from sensor shift stabilization.

Notch does not make much of an impact on iPhone users. This is due to the optimization of the operating system and its applications. However, for many years, this has been a concern for those without equipment. That's why Apple is not interested in undermining security in favor of a cleaner design.

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