Run Part 2 in Zamorin

Run Part 2 in Zamorin

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46 ‘- Do not bake for tight storage Adam.

46 ‘- Second half already playing Zamor! There are no substitutes for either team.

45 + 1 ‘- Interval number Zamor. The lions win Balance Sense By SAD 2-1.

45 + 1 ‘- Yellow for Miguel Cardoso for an outrageous touch on the Puntarenas law Further.

45 ‘- Compensation is a minute Zamor.

41 ‘- கிருத்யுக் Denying the goal of Nuno Mendes! What a crazy game Zamor!

39 ‘- Excellent protection Adam! Spain goalkeeper Miguel Cardoso’s left-footed shot was denied.

37 ‘- Thomas Ribeiro denies Diegos Tomas goal! What a great cut from the Blues Defender and saves a bad exit from the Defender கிருத்யுக்.

Goal scored by Joey Mario

Check it out here Penalty Protected by Adam

28 ‘- Adam Afonso denies the goal !!!

24 ‘- Diego is shown the yellow card Esco.

24 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Game! Brand John Mario!!!

23 ‘- Penalty For the game! Diego Tomas was trapped Area Bluesin.

22 ‘- Three for shots Balance Sense One for SAD and game.

18 ‘- Protected! Protected! Protected Adam! Spain goalkeeper Miguel Cardoso denies goal!

16 ‘- Penalty TO BELENENSES SAD! Adam Yellow is available for Miguel Cardoso and Spaniard!

14 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLO Do BELENENSES! Miguel Cardoso restores equality! The Blues striker puts his name on the mark at the National Stadium with little luck. The ball hits Gonzalo Inacio and passes Adam.

Check out Diego Thomas’ goal here

5 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Game! Brand Diego Thomas! Nuno Mendes opens தபாட்டா Who, in the right lane, runs 50 meters, hits the ball eight times, and then crosses Diego Tomas. The game striker turns out great Area Blues and the match did not apologize when it came to shooting the target.

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2 ‘- First announcement Balance Sense SAD! Afonso Sousa firing against a lion defender and the ball ending in hand Adam.

1 ‘- Roll the ball inside Zamor!

– All three teams are now entering the national arena!

– Keep in mind that only once in this century has the game turned into the Championship President of the Year, the Lions Champions this season (2001/02).

Our S

Balance Sense SAD: Kritsuk; Galilee, Danny and Thomas Ribeiro; Diego Esco, சித்தோல், Afonso Deira e Robben சுண்ணாம்பு; Afonso Sousa, Miguel Cardoso and Varela.

Substitutes: Gilherm, Bruno Ramiers, Eddie Semado, Cow, Cassiera, Robinho, Francisco Dixira, Gonzalo Silva and Richard Rodriguez.

Game: Adam; Grandson, Coats, And Gonzalo Inacio; Further, Palhinha, Jono Mario and Nuno Mendes; தபாட்டா, Diego Tomas and Pedro Gonzalves.

Alternatives: Maximiano, Matthias Nun, Tricks, Nuno Santos, Gonzalo Fee, Christian Porja, Antoons, Daniel Bragania and Eduardo Quaresma.

Preview: Balance Sense SAD and Sporting are closing their sporting participation in 2020 this year, this Sunday at 8pm.

The Blues and Lions’ last appointment was to the 11th round of the I-League, a testament to the fact that the game is leading by 26 points, 15 more than the opponent tonight.

Against the icon of Alvalade, with five goals (along with Rio Ave), I would be reversed as Liga’s worst attack, boasting the second best attack of the tournament (24 accurate shots, surpassed only by FC Porto).

Remember that the lion was away from home at this event before Famaliko (2-2), Balance Sense SAT has won only one of the five occasions it has played in its stronghold national stadium.

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