Russian police crack down on anti-Putin protests in Far East

Russian police crack down on anti-Putin protests in Far East

Baton-wielding Russian police brutally ended anti-government protests, dragging 25 people in the Russian Far East on Saturday and breaking down protest tents in the central square. Reuters Report.

Anti-Kremlin protests continue for three months in the city of Khabarovsk, 3,800 miles east of Moscow. Locals were angry with President Vladimir Putin’s decision to detain Sergei Purgal, the famous local governor, for the murder of his wife.

In a video posted on social media, a woman dragging out protesters by the police cried out, “Which country do you live in?”

Purgal’s supporters say he is being targeted because he won the candidate for the ruling pro-Putin Russian party in 2018. The Kremlin said Purgal had serious charges to answer.

Opposition politician Alexey Navalni, Man doing repairs in germany After being known to attack him using nerve agents, they struck Russian police in a tweet.

“The Russian authorities are simply villains,” Navalny said.

“When half of the Khabarovsk people went out into the streets, they hid like cockroaches. They waited 3 months, the number of people dwindled, they became more daring. Then they went out and started hitting people for no reason,” he said.

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