Sabrina’s Dark World star is already asleep in the square

Sabrina's Dark World star is already asleep in the square

Sabrina’s Dark World is the worst and most adult remake of a 90s celebrity character, and it combines pure terrorism with comedy and the well – known style of teen series like Riverdale.

This series is one of the most appreciated products of Netflix, which gets a good audience and huge fans on social media. So the site’s decision to cancel production in its fourth season came as a surprise to many.

At the end of Sabrina’s Dark World already shown on Netflix, fans are already missing the cast!

One of Sabrina’s most beloved members of the cast had a hard time before she got a gasp in her career and world fame.

Check it out below!

In an interview with Page Six, Gavin Leatherwood revealed that he went through a “strange housing situation” in New York, which caused the actor to fall asleep in a city square.

In The Dark World of Sabrina, Leatherwood played the witch Nicholas Scratz, who won the hearts of the protagonist and fans around the world.

Now 26, the actor said it happened 6 years ago when he was living in New York when there were no friends or family in town.

“I went to two bars I knew I could enter when I was 20 (in the US, young people can only drink alcohol from the age of 21) and I waited until 4am,” the actor said.

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Nick Scratz’s translator decided to rest on the Union Square bench until 8 a.m. and began his transition to a nearby restaurant.

“I put a hat over my eyes and sat up, some kind of stumbling block … there was a knife in my pocket, it was so cold. I got up and started working, ‘My God, I slept on a park bench last night!’ “Thinking, the star clarified.

Gavin Leatherwood also talked about the restaurants he worked at before supporting himself as an actor.

“There is a strange treatment about this type of work. But this service is not fun,” Leatherwood said.

At the end of the conversation with page six, the star of Sabrina’s Dark World talked about her career prospects for the future.

“I am currently single. My guitar has been my girlfriend recently. I work hard on my music and love producing my album, ”said the actor.

The final season of Sabrina’s Dark World is available on Netflix.

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