Sam Smith responded by apologizing to Shawn Mendes for the misnomer

Sam Smith responded by apologizing to Shawn Mendes for the misnomer

Shawn Mendis made a mistake when he introduced Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Sam Smith on Thursday’s Heart Radio Jingle Ball, and immediately apologized heartily.

Mendes accidentally misled Smith, calling the singer “he” instead of “they” during the show’s premiere.

Fans called 22-year-old Mendes about his mistake and pointed it out Smith’s favorite pronouns Listed in their social media bio.

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“I understand Shawn may not have known that Sam / Smith’s nicknames were / are, but why didn’t anyone edit him ?? It was never filmed before ???” A commenter tweeted.

“Did Shawn wrongly correct Sam Smith four times in a row? Really?” Another asked.

On Friday, Mendes took to Instagram to apologize to Coffee for his stories.

“Oh ams Samsmith I’m so sorry for mentioning you as an ‘he’ for your jingle ball debut,” the “Wonder” singer wrote. “It totally slipped through my mind. Will never happen again..sending so much love to you! And you are one of the funniest people I have ever met!”

Shawn Mendes publicly apologized to Sam Smith in his Instagram story.shawnmendes / Instagram

In March 2019, Smith, 28, told actor and activist Jameela Jameel, “I’m not male or female. I think I’m floating somewhere in between.” Then, in September 2019, Smith Came out non-binary On Instagram, the accents of their fans and followers say “they / they”.

“Today is a good day, so here goes,” Smith wrote in an Instagram post At the time. “I have decided to change my pronouns for them / them. After fighting with my gender for the rest of my life, I have decided to embrace who I am, inside and out.”

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The “Diamonds” singer spoke openly about gender issues and their struggles Physical acceptance. Although they were nervous about making this announcement, they said, “I am blessed to be surrounded by people who support me in this endeavor.”

Smith expected people to make mistakes when he adjusted his decision, but there was a demand for others.

“I understand there will be many mistakes and the wrong gender, but please try everything I ask. I hope you can see me as I see you now. Thank you.”

No wonder Smith kindly responded to Mendes’ apology.

After Mendes apologized, Smith wrote in response, “We all learn together.”samsmith / Instagram

“We all learn together,” Smith posted with two heart emojis in their Instagram stories.

They say, “Happy Holidays, my love xx.”

Smith’s third studio album “Love Goes” was released on October 30. They announced Twitter In March they changed the name of their album from “To Die For” International spread of corona virus.

Meanwhile, Mendes is also busy. During the holidays he released “The Christmas Song” with his girlfriend and collaborator Camila Capello. The couple are the parents of the new pet Sweet puppy named Tarzan.

Mendes’ fourth studio album “Wonder” was released last week.

Correction (Dec. 12, 2020, 2:50 pm): An earlier version of this article misrepresented Smith’s nickname. It is not “they”, “he”.

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