Samsung is set to release an update to its Galaxy S10 series for Android 11

Samsung is set to release an update to its Galaxy S10 series for Android 11

After the start To update the devices of the Galaxy S20 line to Android 11 in Brazil, Samsung has already continued the advanced update schedule and has started making available to its customers with Galaxy S10 devices the latest version of the operating system that comes with One UI 3.0.

The update was initially released for the Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 5G users in Switzerland, but the South Korean company will soon make this update available to Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus owners as well.

The update comes with some Exclusive improvements to the East Giant custom interface, In addition to the native features of Google software such as a UI, news software. If you want to know the main news of the latest version of the Mountain View operating system, Watch our hands on video It highlights eleven major enhancements to Android 11.

As the Galaxy S10 family has been upgraded to Android 11, it should be noted that the first recipient of the update will be those who are not registered in the company’s beta testing program, i.e. those who still have the device on Android 10. Under a UI 2.5 interface. Meanwhile, those already using an earlier version of Android 11 will have to wait a few more days to access the standard version of the system.

So far, there is no forecast that Samsung will start extending the update of its Galaxy S10 devices to more markets, but if we take into account the speed at which the new version will come to other series devices, within a few weeks it will likely receive an update in Brazil as well.

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So, do you have a Galaxy S10 series device? Please let us know if you have received any updates on your cell phone.

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