Samsung Leak Unveils Amazing New Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung Leak Unveils Amazing New Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Arriving soon unexpectedly Samsung now not only has confirmed the new model, but knows that it will have an amazing new design.

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First, it was enough to check the Galaxy S21 for the first time after Samsung. submission Phone for certification through China’s open 3C certification program. Through certification, the model number is’SM-G9910′ and the model number of Galaxy S20 is’SM-G981′.

Next is the juicy portion. Famous smartphone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) leaked Mother Road. In his profile In the new social network Voice. In four separate posts, Hemmerstoffer unveiled Samsung’s new design for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Ultra and a 360-degree video of both phones. And there is a lot to like.

The most eye-catching change is that Samsung will equip the range with a radically revamped camera housing that is subtly molded to the side of each phone. It looks different and great than anything I’ve seen in a smartphone design. That said, the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera housing is so large that it takes up almost half the width of a phone and fits 4 cameras and flashes.

Interestingly, Hemmerstoffer points out that Samsung can be equipped with two zoom cameras and does not rule out S-Pen support. The (hot tip) Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra doesn’t have a slot dedicated to the S-Pen in the leaked design. .

In addition to this, Hemmerstoffer’s design shows a step back and forth. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a big advancement that has virtually no bezels, but the Galaxy S21 seems to have a thicker (more symmetrical) bezel than its predecessor. This could mean that Samsung is continuing the unpopular policy introduced with the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. Entry model downgrade Upselling more expensive stables. I hope not.

In terms of dimensions, Hemmerstoffer says that the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display is from 6.7 to 6.9 inches (S20 Ultra uses a 6.9 inch panel) and measures 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm (10.8mm with camera bump). Make it slightly smaller than the previous model. The Galaxy S21 matches the 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm (9.0mm with camera bump), which is roughly the same size as the S20 and the 6.2-inch display.

And Hemmerstoffer Big news leaked earlier this week: Samsung is actually going to push the launch of these phones several months ahead. However, he believes it will be early January, not December. Either way, Apple’s new iPhone 12 family will face the next-generation smartphone competition much faster than usual, and its range will Some surprising limitations, This is a good time for Samsung to be more aggressive.

Disclosure: I’m a paid consultant at Voice backed by, the source of this post. The information in this post was made public prior to posting on Forbes.


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Galaxy S21 initial launch, new Samsung leak found

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