Samsung suffered a major blow in sales in 2020

Samsung suffered a major blow in sales in 2020

2020 is not over yet, but estimates of sales results for companies this year are not encouraging. According to new data from a South Korean source, Samsung could not reach the 300 million units sold this year.

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The technology company is expected to “only” reach the 270 million smartphones sold in 2020, and for the first time in 9 years Samsung will be less than 300 million.

This fall in numbers will turn out to be the result of a busy year in sales due to the current state of the global epidemic. However, Samsung already plans to recover next year.

Samsung wants to forget 2020 with a big 2021

According to sources close to the South Korean company, Samsung’s plans for 2021 are ambitious. The global goal is to reach 307 million units in the new year using 5G betting.

While the 5G connection is already in Samsung’s upper limits, the company wants it to be accessible to the public, and intermediate and entry level devices need to get this feature, which will help Stimulus Needed for sale by 2021.

Thus, of the total 307 million smartphones the company estimates to sell, 287 million correspond to “normal” smartphones, of which only 50 million are at the top of the range. The remaining 307 million units should be identical to the brand’s exclusive models.

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While the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + have been attracting attention, the last few weeks have been a real roller coaster when it comes to information about the range’s new tops from the South Korean manufacturer.

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After spreading countless images of smartphones, it is time to reveal the complete list of specifications for both the models.

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