Samsung: This is the decision for the four Galaxy smartphones of 2017!

Samsung: This is the decision for the four Galaxy smartphones of 2017!

Samsung has done a fantastic job in terms of updates. This not only extends updates to the operating system status by three years, but also guarantees several security updates. However, the good is all coming to an end, and Samsung is getting ready to say goodbye to the four 2017 Galaxy smartphones. That is, no support, no updates or anything.

Samsung: This is the decision for the four Galaxy smartphones of 2017!

Website Android Police, It was revealed that Samsung recently updated its security updates page and removed four devices from the list of security updates. They are Galaxy J3 Pop, Galaxy A5 2017, Galaxy A3 2017 and Galaxy A7 2017. This means that these devices will not receive any Android security patches. However, there is a strange detail. Apart from this Samsung has also removed the Galaxy Fold 5G. That may be wrong.

However, Samsung has removed the Galaxy A8 2018 from the calendar of monthly updates and will start getting them on a quarterly basis. The Galaxy A8s, on the other hand, have been relegated to the “regular” connection list. Samsung has added the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra to its list of monthly updates. The Galaxy A02 and Galaxy M12 have been added to the list of quarterly updates.

As we talk about updates, there is one more novelty when it comes to wearable things.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is Samsung’s best wireless headsets, thanks to active noise cancellation and improved audio quality. Although they were released a few days ago, they are already getting a second firmware update. The new update of the Galaxy Butts Pro comes mainly with performance improvements.

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Galaxy Butts Pro Received a new update!

Samsung has four smartphones

This version is now codenamed R190XXU0AUA5 in the United States. However, this should reach other countries in the coming days. The update is approximately 2.2 MB and improves active noise cancellation performance according to the list of changes. It also improves the speed of changing the ambient sound function and voice detection mode. I remember an earlier firmware update for the Galaxy Buds Pro that improved the Pixby voice awareness function and added left and right sound balance adjustment.

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