Samsung wants to turn your old smartphone into an IoT device

Samsung wants to turn your old smartphone into an IoT device

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an expanding technology that makes our homes better. Utilizing this trend, its participation in CES 2021. Samsung has announced a new initiative that aims to turn the smartphone into a home smart device.

South Korea today unveiled a program called Galaxy Upcycling at Home. The aim of this initiative is to breathe new life into your old Galaxy smartphone and turn it into a valuable accessory in your smart home.

Galaxy Upcycling at Home breathes new life into your Samsung smartphone

With a software update, Samsung is committed to giving new life to its old smartphones. In an era where most companies are rapidly depreciating their equipment, South Korea is taking a step in the opposite direction.

Without going into too much detail, Samsung gave us some examples of what we can do with this project. How we can make our old smartphone fit back into our home life.

Turning your old smartphone into a baby monitor is an example. The equipment detects the baby’s crying and automatically sends a notification to the parent’s smartphone.

Samsung demonstrates how to turn a smartphone into an ambient light sensor. As soon as he detects a lack of light in the house, you will receive a notification to turn on the house lights even if you are still at work.

It is believed that Samsung will be able to run additional features once the Galaxy Upsycling at Home initiative officially launches. In the era of growth of smart homes, the possibilities are immense.

When it comes to users

Unfortunately, Samsung did not provide users with additional details regarding the release of this program. It has now been said that the software update in question will be sent out soon.

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If you have a Galaxy smartphone parked and you are building a smart home, this is the best program for you. With this effort, you can renew the old investment.

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