Samsung will bring the S Pen to more smartphones than the Galaxy S21

Samsung S Pen Galaxy S21 Note

As expected, Samsung has decided to innovate when it comes to the features of the Galaxy S21. Despite the extra form, it brought something to the Ultra that proved to be a success in the reference line. We are talking about the S Pen, which is found more and more in the brand’s smartphones.

This change confirms its usefulness and guarantees the evolution of S. Penn, while at the same time offering new features. Samsung will not stop there, announcing that its stylus will soon be available on many more smartphones.

Samsung wants to bring out the best in the Galaxy Note

We have been talking about the existence of the S Pen in the Galaxy S21 since this early days. Initially it was thought that this would mark the end of the reference line, but now it is not understood. This is really an important plugin and should ensure that it is useful to users.

This brand made a point in making the Galaxy S21 Ultra the best model available in a special way. AS Pen will be a part of the card that users can buy, thus making this smartphone very interesting.

The S21 Ultra S will not be the only one with the Pen

Since a Samsung official revealed, the brand wants to take this concept even further. It will not restrict itself to bringing the S Pen to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and will extend its presence to other devices in its smartphone lineup.

It is yet to be revealed which Samsung smartphones will get support for the S Pen or when. The only certainty is that it will be similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and will have a card with it. For ease of use, it should be on the Galaxy Fold as well.

There are still many doubts about this news

In addition to this innovation, Samsung has also revealed that it will soon be launching the S Pen Pro. It will be close to the Galaxy Note model, with Bluetooth connectivity and all the gestures associated with it.

This is great news, showing that Samsung is opening up a range of features. You take the best of what is in the note and use it on other devices. Many more will come out, thus ensuring that new life will be available for smartphones.

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