Samsung’s new TVs have solar controls

Samsung's new TVs have solar controls

Samsung has introduced new TV models in which the Neo QLED range stands out. This includes a combination of lighting and image processing to provide a high performance experience. These new TVs come with controls that can be operated using solar power. These Neo QLED TVs promise to make a splash at the QN900A (8K) and QN90A (4K) and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in January.

Samsung’s new TVs have solar controls

Do you always lose your phone? It will end with Samsung

Even if you lose your phone often, you don’t have to be “head in the air” to lose it. For both events, a new feature on Samsung smartphones will be a great tool. Discover my mobile app already for those with devices from South Korean manufacturers, Now has a new update, which is more efficient.

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9to5 According to the Google website, the update of the app allows you to find your device even if it is not connected to any network. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl WiFi. Now, with this update, you can now find the device. This feature, which explains Engadget, does not work accurately in rural areas, where there are fewer devices.

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Even offline, you will never lose your Samsung anymore

This new feature is very easy to implement. The user must open the app and search for the “Offline Location” option. Works with offline location assist Cell phones Or nearby tablets, because of devices Samsung Search the Galaxy at will Cell phones From the same operator nearby.

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