Santa Clara County door-to-door testing begins – NBC Bay Area

Santa Clara County door-to-door testing begins - NBC Bay Area

A Northern California county has launched a house-to-house corona virus testing pilot program in the majority Latin community, which has become a virus hot spot.

Santa Clara County volunteers began providing self-testing equipment last week in the eastern San Jose area of ​​Silicon Valley, where 55% of Latinos and many residents say the test sites are not easily accessible, officials say.

Color communities across the country are proportionately affected by the virus.

Efforts by Santa Clara County More than 325,000 drugs of a COVID-19 vaccine were flown to California on Sunday, with registered case numbers and intensive care unit capacity declining.

The First export The Pfizer vaccine left Michigan early Sunday morning for 145 distribution centers across the country. States will get vaccines based on their number of adults, and additional exports are coming this week.

The vaccine goes to hospitals and other sites across the country, where it can be stored at extremely low temperatures – below zero to 94 degrees. Pfizer uses containers with dry ice and GPS-enabled sensors to ensure that each ship is cooler than the weather in Antarctica.

In California – Another record of new confirmed cases was created on Saturday – there will be specific allocations to the districts that will be distributed to hospitals designated by state health officials to ensure they have adequate storage capacity, serve high-risk health care people and have the ability to vaccinate people quickly. . Vaccinating health workers is at the forefront of an epidemic that has affected more than 16 million people and killed nearly 298,000 in the United States alone.

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Government Gavin Newsom Tweeted A team of medical professionals from the western states will meet on Saturday to discuss the vaccine and make sure it is safe for public use. Newsom said distribution could begin on Sunday.

Vaccinations are coming as the holiday season is getting better and the situation is getting worse across the country and in California. Public health officials fear the hospital will continue to rise due to already rising infection rates and people ignoring precautionary measures to gather during the holidays.

On Saturday, the number of ICU beds available Valley of San Joaquin It fell to zero for the first time and San Francisco recorded 323 new cases, the highest since the outbreak began. Millions of Californians in the majority of the state are in shelter.

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