Sarah Michael Keller kisses Selma Blair’s gruesome motives

Sarah Michael Keller kisses Selma Blair's gruesome motives

Cruel thoughts Like the infamous kissing scene between the characters of Sarah Michael Keller and Selma Blair, this is a classic 90s movie with many great moments that will make your head spin.

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Blair and Keller have mentioned this scene many times by recreating it in many formats – and they came back tonight when they received the GOAT: Legendary Lip Lock Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Best of All Time.

This time, there was a twist – because it’s 2020, and everything is a little different these days. Due to COVID-19, Keller and Blair sorta Before Keller could sign “2020: End Soon”, it was smoothed out between them by a Plexiglas divider.

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Player posted the PTS image from the shoot on Instagram A long and heartfelt topic Pays tribute Cruel thoughts’ What this scene means to legacy and many generations of young people: “It will always be glorious.”

“In 2000. This was a sweet and delicious kiss to my character Sicily,” Blair wrote. “She still wanted it, I have to say it’s a good kiss. It’s so delicious to me now, it’s just how shocking it is in 2020. It signifies a change of thinking.”

As we say goodbye to 2020, it’s good to remember that we’ve come a long way, even though we’ve all been through this year.

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