scary appearance in hospital air outlet goes viral

scary appearance in hospital air outlet goes viral

Images showing the air coming out of a hospital room in Brisbane, Australia went viral on the internet after several people saw in the image a “creepy apparition” that looks like a man with a pair of ghostly eyes.

The photos were shared on Facebook by a woman named Kitt Williams. She says it was her mother-in-law who took the photos after she sensed there was “something looking at her”.

“He [a aparição assustadora] blinked, moved and looked around the room (…), sometimes it was there (…) other times it wasn’t, ”Williams wrote in the post. [a sogra] I could feel something staring at her or keeping my eyes on her, ”he added.

Air outlet in hospital in Australia

Image: Playback / Facebook

The daughter-in-law also said her mother-in-law believed the uncomfortable presence was that of the nurses who arrived to watch over her. But, there was never anyone in the room.

Sometimes, even with no one in bed, Williams’ mother-in-law would even have felt people touch her and interrupt her sleep.

This hair-raising report drew plenty of comments from shocked people who agreed that the image shows some sort of apparition behind the air vents.

While some netizens were more skeptical and assumed it was just a reflex or a skunk. One user dared to say that he saw the silhouette of a man with blond hair and that he had “instant chills”.

“Hospitals scare me at the best of times, but if I saw this, especially at night, I’d be out of there,” one person wrote.

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