Scientists reveal that pigs can be trained to use a joystick

Porco a usar um joystick

Apparently, not just the monkey Neuralink Can run the system. After all, a team of researchers says pigs can be trained to use Joysticks Computer scientists.

That is, a study shows that pigs can use one Joystick, Moving a cursor, hitting a wall with a screen, and then rewarding.

Pigs do not know how to roll in the mud

There are already many studies that have not used the pig to roll in the mud, it is actually a very clever animal. After all, before, pigs were already shown to perform various tasks, sit and learn, until completing puzzles with multiple choices.

Now a Team of researchers Suggests that the animal may be smarter and more efficient than expected. This is because he claims to have successfully trained four pigs for one manipulation Joystick And control the cursor on a monitor.

There may be many more things that pigs can learn, understand and respond to than we previously predicted.

Said Candace Crony, Author University of Purdue And co-author of the inquiry.

According to the study, the researchers used treats as a reward for training Joystick, When using a computer screen, use the mouse.


The results reveal that the performance of the animals was better than expected

The researchers presented four pigs with a video game Joystick Maneuver until the cursor crashes into one of four structures similar to a wall shown on the screen. With the confrontation, the game released a "bloop" and the pig got a reward.

The pig was more successful and was given fewer walls in the game.

The team then analyzes each animal's last 50 attempts simultaneously with three, two and one wall, determining the frequency at which the pig reaches the target wall with the first movement of the cursor.

Pig using joystick

According to the results, three-month-old male Yorkshire pigs Hamlet and Omelette were able to complete the task better than expected with two and one wall. However, the results were different when the three walls were presented.

After 12 weeks of training, the hamlet and omelette were removed from the test because they had grown too long to stand long enough to complete the sessions and did not fit the requirements of the test site.

Revealed the team.

In addition, ebony and ivory, two-year-old male Panebindo pigs received 15 months of training. Both exceeded expectations when offered with three and one wall, but Ivory had only two walls.

It is noteworthy that pigs have reached the level of success they have achieved in a task that is outside of their natural reference structure and indicates their behavioral and cognitive flexibility.

Investigators wrote.

Finally, in addition to the joysticks, the team suggests that touchscreens would be valuable for further investigation of pigs' cognitive abilities.

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