Sea of ​​Solitude: Directors Cut Exclusively Announced for Nintendo Switch

Sea of ​​Solitude: Directors Cut Exclusively Announced for Nintendo Switch

Quantum Dream and development studio Jo-May in Berlin today announced the new publishing and distribution consortium Sea of ​​Solitude: Directors Cut, which will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Cornelia Keppert, Joe-mi’s founder and creative director, has released the title, which will be released on March 4, 2021 during The Game Awards 2020.

Sea of ​​Loneliness: The director’s cut takes the players on a deep moving adventure in which one follows Cain’s journey – a young woman transformed into a monster by her frustration and loneliness. In a world of chaotic beauty, it is important to go with K in a quiet and peaceful quest. By confronting the metaphorical creatures that provoke the terrible emotions that Kay has to face, she learns more and more about her surroundings, but more importantly, about herself.

As part of this collaboration, Quantum Dream brought to the table all of its experiences and talents so that Jo-Mei could realize his vision with a revised version of their award-winning game and attract a new audience.

“I’m a fan of Quantum Dream from their PS2 games! In my opinion, it’s a great studio that has been successful in creating unique, high – quality games for decades, focusing on plot,” says Cornelia Keppert. Getting is amazing. It honestly still feels like a dream to do the support and love of artists in Quantum Dream for our work! What a journey! “

“We loved this title and the extraordinarily emotional journey it shows,” said David Cage, CEO of Quantum Dream. “The Sea of ​​Loneliness: Not only is the director’s cut vision unique, but the video game experience is sure to resonate with many gamers for a long time to come. At Quantum Dream, we want developers with a unique vision of video games. We want them to fully realize their vision, provide them with avenues for their dreams and help them reach a wider audience. “

Sea of ​​Solitude: Directors Cut is an enhanced version of the original 2019 game, with many new features and upgrades specially created for Jo-May and Nintendo Switch. The dialogue has been rewritten with the help of award-winning writer Stephen Bell, and other actors have re-recorded all the dialogues in the game to provide a full dubbing experience in German, French, English, Spanish and Japanese.

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Sea Loneliness: The director’s cut also includes a new photo mode, with the option to change the weather and support the Nintendo Switch’s gyroscope function to move the Kevin torch.

Sea of ​​Solitude: The Directors Cut will be available in stores for its final version on March 4, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, and will feature a game card and a unique sticker. At the same time, the game and demo version will also be available on the Nintendo EShop.

Further details and information on marine loneliness: Director’s cut can be found on the following channels:

* This game is available with verses in the following languages: Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

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