Sealox Boss Rush and “Having the Time of His Life”

Sealox Boss Rush and "Having the Time of His Life"

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Before coming Carlos Dunlap In the Cincinnati Bengal trade last month, the Seattle Seahawks managed only 12 sacks in total in the first seven games of the season.

Since the acquisition of Dunlop, the Seahawks have held 13 sacks with Dunlop alone in their last three games.

“Yeah, I say frankly. It’s obvious he’s made an impact,” head coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday. We went one step further in doing things that helped our comrades. ”

Dunlap has already stacked his own 3.5 sacks and leads all the defenders on the team in sacks, pushing back only the defense of 5.5 sacks Jamal Adams. In the last two games against the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks have combined the two best defensive performances of the season together as Dunlap has served as a catalyst for improved effort.

The absence of three games due to a hip injury helps Adams get back healthy. As does Rashim Green Missing six games due to a stinger and then returning to the spin boosted the team’s depth and versatility. But it’s hard to see anywhere, but Dunlap’s presence can be seen as a turning point for the team.

Dunlap overcame a seven-point lead in the final minutes Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals. Kelvin Peach An excuse Kyler Murray Seal the victory below the fourth. In the first eight weeks of the year the Seattle League quit its quarterly job. They are now 11th with 25 excuses for the Cardinals and the New York Giants.

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“They said I’m coming here to save an emergency, but we’re healthy, these guys are getting excuses. [13], ”Dunlap said after Thursday night’s game.

“You know, this team is so exciting. I’m glad to be a part of it. You know more than I can tell you more details, but I mean, it’s super surreal, it’s refreshing. I feel light and refreshed.”

That excitement is contagious to the Sihaks as well.

“He has the time of his life,” Carol said. “He has a blast. He’s excited and excited, and he’s fun, ready to do anything, get out to work and train and get delegates. I mean, he’s training well. He’s coming, you know, if you’re not around him, you’ll see him when he’s around. He brings a good spirit to it, and his attitude is better because he’s so much fun.

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